středa 5. května 2010

Organizing of portfolio

Do you contribute to another photobanks? Do you have more than two photobanks? So you could read more. If you have exclusivity with DT, it will not useful for you mayby but who know?
Mainly question is, how do you do keywords for your photos? Do you manage them, save them or just copy them from another users? Another good question is, how I recognize, which file I send and which I don't.
I think about two programms, which could offer me everything what I need. First is Cushy Stock and another one is ProStockMaster.
Come with me to look at this programms.
Cushy Stock offer three version. One is free and if you are starting with photobanks, it can be useful. In this version you can create session and you have quick summary what you send, if it pending or if it was approved. I think it can be useful, if you contribute in 3 or more photobanks. And of course, in all version you can manage keywords.
If you buy standart or professional version, you can very speedy your work. Programm in higher version can send session via FTP straight to photobanks. You can even copy your portfolio from one agency to another.
Another advantage is, you have completly overview about yours earnings. You'll see, how many photos you sold and how many you earn.
If you make illustration, it can be useful for you too because programm can zip illustration himself.
There were mainly advantages this programm. Now, we can go on ProStockMaster.
The same thing is simultaneous upload via FTP. You can find a useful library of keywords. Just write few words about your images and you have results. They offer a auto-translation too.
Stock Earnings Statistics is available too.
ProStockMaster I found more quicker, when I tested it, but Cushy Stock have much more advantages, I think. It's only personal attitude. I'm still trying and looking for comfortable programm, which will offer easy path to organize my portfolio.

If will be positive response, I can make better preview with picture and focus more on features this programms. Of course, if you have pack of programms from Adobe, you can use what they offer, but it's not build primary for photo agencies.

pondělí 3. května 2010


On the end of April, I finaly got to Shutterstock. It took 3 months to me to get there. It's a new experience for me, because they have a strict rules for accept as contributor. I'm glad about it. Immediately how my portfolio was accepted, I had sell. It's very pleasent. I'm curious how sells will be proceed.