pondělí 26. dubna 2010

Motoride XL Sand Rally 2010 in Zahori, Slovakia

On 17th Saturday was competition in moto-cross. All week was raining, but on Saturday showed a nice weather. My friend invited me on moto-cross in order to took pictures of his friend and all competition. It was interesting and there was very good mood. Contestant were great and don't mind them, that I took photos of them.

© Sebikus | Dreamstime.com

Sand pit was the best. A track there was very tough and for the most of contestant it was hard obstacle. Sand pit showed, who is skilful biker.

© Sebikus | Dreamstime.com

Competition had 3 parts. First part were three lap on a track on time. Second part was in sand pit and it was the best of competition, how I meant before. Last part was time track again.
On the end, in sand pit was military training. So soldiers watched bikers and bikers watched tanks and another military technics.
It was great action and who was there, enjoyed it.

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